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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 22, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. dozens injured as two trains along the high speed line collide in philadelphia. >> we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities. i will not say when we are going to attack but attack we will. >> president trump reverses course on a campaign promise going all in vowing victory in america's longest war. >> a city council meeting erupts over the white nationalist rally. >> a new search for the ten sailors aboards the uss john s.
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mccain believes this morning. >> of course the solar eclipse lived up to its billing. it was the event of the summer. early today starts right now. >> good tuesday morning to you. attack we will. president trump made a rare primetime address to the nation marking a major policy reversal announcing his plan to continue military engagement there with a strategy for combatting terror. >> a core pillar of our new strategy is a shift from a time-based approach to one based on conditions i said many times how counter productive it is for the dates we intend to begin or end military options. we will not talk about numbers of troops or our ambulance for
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further military activities. i will not say when we are going to attack but attack we will. we are not nation building again. we are killing terrorists. >> it's an abrupt about face for trump that admonished it on the campaign trail. he said the power of the office swayed his own inclinations. >> my original instinct was to pull out and historically i like following my instincts but all my life i heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the oval office. >> mr. trump's path forward won widespread praise among tough republicans immediately aplau
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applauding his decision but others called his decision a terrible idea and the steve bannon led website accused the president of flip flopping. one democratic lawmaker questioned the president's timing and announcement. >> i don't think it's a consequence that the president is making this announcement when the senate and the house is out of session. if this was a real serious proposal that was thought out we would have been informed. we would have had hearings on this and instead he's rushing it out and i don't think afghanistan is that much more dangerous now it's just more he's in political trouble and needs to change the subject. >> there's 6,000 nato troops in afghanistan along side 8,400 american military personnel. that number could grow as the administration looks to double down on the war. >> now to a developing story rescue crews in italy freed a
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baby boy period tratrapped unde rubble. at least one person is confirmed dead and 25 others injured. the u.s. geological survey measured the quake at 4.. it hit last night collapsing homes and other structures. one person said it felt like a bomb exploded. last year a quake struck in italy killing nearly 30 people. >> millions across america had their eyes on the skies to catch a glimpse of monday's historic total eclipse but some celebrated in other ways. in south carolina a baby girl made her debut during the big event. her parents nailed her eclipse. they managed to snap this cool shot of the moon's shadow on the earth and back on the ground. miguel was in one of the first places in the country to experience the total he chris.
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>> in oregon the moment the nation had been waiting for. >> there's the ring. >> proved surreal. 100,000 people flooded the fields of this small farm town to experience the extraordinary. an epic view. >> you no longer need these safety glasses. people are cheering. we have been told it is a spiritual moment and hair raising moment, it is certainly that. >> the barron family drove six hours from seattle. >> my heart kind of started pounding and felt like it stopped and i felt chilled. >> spectators came from around the globe. history on the horizon. >> all that it cracked up to be. you got to see one. >> it's been said no other event in nature can eclipse this. >> with this ring. >> with this ring. >> under the stars and planets
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michael and julie were married. >> you may kiss your bride. >> exchanging vows during the so-called diamond ring, the first few seconds after totality. >> diamond ring. diamond ring. >> a moment they will never forget. and one millions of others will treasure forever. >> 12 million people live in the path of totality. another 7 million including many of these folks moved into it but this morning, they are all headed home. francis. >> time to get ready for the next one in 7 years. thank you. >> a frantic search is still underway for ten missing sailors after an oil tanker slammed into the uss john s. mccain while it was sailing near singapore. this is the second time a u.s. destroyer crashed this year and the navy ordered an operational pause to make sure that the entire fleet is running safety.
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bill neally is in south korea for us. >> good morning, several searches going on. one inside the hull of that damaged destroyer being carried out by navy and marine corps divers trying to get access especially to the quarters where many of the ten missing sailors may be. a wider search across the saeas. involving certainly a dozen vessels and lots of fishing boats asked to look for anything unusual but thirdly a search of how on earth this happened. the uss john s. mccain the latest to be involved in a collision like this. this is a systemic failure or consequence? also that operational pause that you spoke about really extraordinary effecting u.s. warships across the globe. i spoke to admiral harry harris, the come hander of the pacific
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fleet. he said it would have no effect on the america's ability to effect the nation and region and specifically the korean peninsula with regard to the north korean crisis. and we'll be hearing more within the hour from a navy spokesman. that's in singapore where the uss john s. mccain is docked at the moment and that search is going on. phillip. >> bill neally for us in south korea. thank you. >> as we speak there's a major flash flooding event in the kansas city area and we see bill karins has the he details. >> torrential rains for 6 to 7 hours overnight. now it's shifted further to the south. still a flash flood emergency for the kansas city area. some of the rivers and streams they have the small ones around the city at the highest level with record flooding. we had evacuations and water rescues overnight by the fire department so that's a developing story and at daybreak i imagine some of them will be
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pretty dramatic. so far, it looks like we'll see wind damage and maybe an isolated tornado today that could effect flights heading to the northeast and sections of the west. it's still hot across the board. what's the biggest fish you ever caught? this florida fisherman caught the fish of his lifetime. most people's lifetimes. james taylor hauled in this 409 pound grouper. he caught it during the st. pete open spearphishing tournament with a spear. the catch didn't count for the tournament but his team won anyway. the international underwater fishing association has yet to rule on the record.
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bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty the quicker picker upper anger he erupts at the first charlottesville city council meeting following the deadly violence. the emotional crowd screamed at council members and eventually took over the meeting. some demanded that the town's leaders take responsibility for the three deaths that weekend. >> y'all had multiple opportunities to intervene and you did not intervene one time. >> somebody has to be held accountable for not only the blood of those three lives but every injury that happened this past weekend. >> at one point counselors and city staff fled the room. three people were arrested for disorderly conduct. >> worrying news for facebook
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and google maybe jumping into the head phone business. landon has that and more for us. >> good morning. well google may have an answer to apple's air pods. the google blog reports the company swois working on wirele head phones that let you hear and apply notifications by using your voice instead of having to type out a response on your phone. no details on a release date but google could have them ready by this fall. walmart is expanding it's grocery delivery service that's been testing since 2013. it's been using uber and lyft and denver and phoenix since last year. it's also available in san francisco and san jose. you can order from and have your items delivered in dallas and orlando. personal shoppers driver your items, scan them and request a delivery car. >> a new study shows teens are
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leaving book faster than expected. e-marketer estimates that book's user base will shrink more than 3% this year. that's the first time a decline has been predicted for any age group really. while that may be bad news there's civil liner here. lots of teens are opting for instagram instead which is owned by facebook but snapchat will be bigger than book and instagram among teens by the end of 2017. back to you. >> they are. landon, thank you. >> president trump heads to arizona where he will hold a campaign style rally with mike pence. the widespread backlash he received following the violence in charlottesville. while they sought to leverage that backlash to their advantage the president could be going full steam ahead for his 2020 re-election bid. we go to blake mccoy.
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it's been less than a year since the election. how could we be talking about 2020 already. >> it's crazy. the campaigning really never stops. donald trump loves these rallies where he can be surrounded by his face and go off script and attack hillary clinton and democrats and we'll likely see that tonight. this comes as president trump's popularity is tanking. gallop's poll puts job approval at 35%. 59% disapprove and take a look at the numbers specifically in arizona. his job approval there just 42%. 55% disagree with the job he is doing and that's key because he won that state by three points last year. now the states republicans in arizona have to walk a fine line so they don't alienate his base while also protecting themselves for re-election. he will greet president trump on the tarmac when he lands in phoenix tobt but will not attend
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the rally. republican senators john mccain and jeff flake traded barbs with him in recent months. they will not attend the rally either. when it comes to 2020 could republicans end up dumping trump? susan collins thinks maybe. she says it's too difficult to say whether he'll be the 2020 nominee and admitted on msnbc monday that she wrote in house speaker paul ryan's name when she voted for president last year. >> late night comics are taking notice of president trump's re-election chances. take a look. >> experts are saying that president trump is already preparing for the 2020 election. yeah. now some people think that's overly optimistic but others say no, he'll probably be paroled by then. >> there will be a lot of supporters out to see donald trump in phoenix tonight but also a lot of protestors. they're gearing up for a heavy police presence there. >> quite the scene there in
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u.s. embassy in moscow is is temporarily extending nonimmigrant visas in russia. russia demanded that american diplomatic staff be reduced by 700 people. >> kristen is in london.
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how could this move effect u.s.-russia relations from here on. >> good morning, francis. well this is really the latest move in this that's been going on between the u.s. and russia. the embassy in moscow announcing it will temporarily stop issuing non-immigrant visas in russia and for any it is you can now only get them in moscow. it's a direct response to saying the u.s. had to reduce personnel by 755 people. moscow's order calls into question russia's seriousness about pursuing better relations. a state tdepartment saying it means staff needs to focus on u.s. needs first. about 250,000 russian tourists visit the u.s. every year. what has russian's response been? the foreign minister was frosty saying the u.s. is trying to provoke discontent of russian citizens against their own
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government. he did say there would be no immediate reciprical action but i don't think anyone would surprise first degree relations continue to spiral. >> thank you. >> just ahead. details on a bizarre murder case involving a sunken sub marine and it was the event of the summer but how much did the solar eclipse cost businesses? we'll tell you, next. people wou. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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check out this report about the eclipse. american workers who watch the solar eclipse for just 20 minutes monday afternoon cost their employers 700 million dollars in lost productive. how does that compare to other big events? march madness's opening week $615 million were spent filling out brackets and monday after the super bowl, $1.7 billion per hour and cyber monday $1.9 billion spent online shopping and james comey's testimony, $3.3 billion for viewing that event. amazon prime day is $10 billion for that entire day of deals. >> all things considering we're not in the billions so not too bad. bosses got to make them happy. >> still ahead, dozens injured overnight in a train collision near philly. the in-laws have moved in with us.
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well we're getting to the peak of our hurricane season and now we have a new threat. it's down to a tropical wave and now we think it's going to gain injury. watch out in areas of texas. we often compare to see what's going to happen. they both take this and develop it possibly thursday into friday and then take it into east texas one of them hurricane or tropical storm and that will be one of the stories we'll be following throughout the rest of the week and people in southeast texas it's time to prepare for possibilities. >> we'll be watching. thank you. breaking overnight 42 people have been injured and transported to area perihospita after two trains collided just outside of philadelphia. the accident happened shortly after midnight.
4:27 am
the spokesperson for the southeastern transport authority says a train collided with an unoccupied train stuck in the terminal. at least four people are in critical condition. officials are investigating the cause. >> the search and rescue mission for five army soldiers has been suspended. they went missing last week after hair black hawk helicopter crashed during a training exercise off the coast of hawaii. search teams found pieces of the helicopter as well as a helmet but no signs of life. army officials released the identities of the missing soldiers and they say they're shifting to recovery and salvage operations. >> now the most bizarre story out of denmark where police say they found the torso of a woman near the area where a swediedis journalist went missing. it's too old to see if the remains are hers.
4:28 am
he told police wall died in an accident on board and he burr rid her at sea. he is held on charges of involuntary manslaughter. >> a much lighter note, we'll show you this competition, contestants go toe to toe, check this out. it's the world toe wrestling championship. it took place saturday in england. similar to arm wrestling but as you can see competitors use their feet. everyone is checked by a podiatrist. the annual tournament dates back to 1976 when a group of travellers wanted to create a new and weird game and the winner was allen gnash. he claims his 6th consecutive title and 14th overall so this is like the michael jordan of aggressive footsie here. >> as long as they take care of some man cures before that. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for watching early today. om
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a good tuesday morning to you. let's take a live look outside san francisco this morning. a nice start. no eclipse in the forecast. thank you for joining us for "today in the bay." i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington. we made it. we made it through the eclipse. >> no little green men. >> today the clouds will eclipse the sun. looking forward to something. something to go out there and look at today. now we are going to have some very nice weather, just a little bit warmer in a few spots. highs in the bay in the low 80s and as warm as 87 degrees in morgan hill. for the east bay up to 89 in antioch. oakland will be


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